Best Accommodation, I Chose in Allentown

I recently visited Allentown in Pennsylvania for a long weekend vacation with my family. Well it was a short trip, but then I decide to plan for it from before so that I do not have to face any problem. The most important thing was to find a place for staying and then I looked in the internet for Hotels in Dorney Park Allentown PA. While looking for hotels I saw that there are many hotels near Dorney Park in Allentown. So I decided to go for one of them. My friend had suggested that it would be easier if I stay close to the airport so I thought that a hotel around Dorney Park would be best.

I choose to go for the Stay bridge suites which provided me with amazing hospitality. To my surprise they also provided me with air pick up and drop services. All the basic amenities’ such as laundry services, complimentary breakfast services, fitness centers, housekeeping services, and internet service were all available. I realized that staying in Hotels near Dorney Park Allentown PA is really a good choice as it had good connectivity and I could easily visit the famous attractions. The place is also safe and comfortable.


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